KMS Engineering has been established to create innovative fabricated products & designs that exceed our customers requirements.

With over 40 years combined experience in engineering / fabrication behind us we have developed an enviable reputation which is supported by a substantial and growing client base. We pride ourselves on being 100% Australian made, supporting Australian companies.

We are totally committed to client satisfaction and intent on establishing long term relationships with all customers.


Safety is paramount within the company and is a key value towards our success. Our employees take a proactive approach to their own safety and to the safety of their colleagues.

The complexity of work undertaken requires us to work to the highest safety standards. The experience of our team has provided us with an excellent safety record and a working environment that ensures the maximum degree of personal safety for clients and employees.


Our philosophy is employing the best people available across the total organization is a major factor in ensuring a high quality products at all times. Our approach encourages all employees to take ownership of the products being manufactured and on completion verified by our supervisors.

The manufacturing procedures used are closely monitored throughout all phases of the manufacture process. Third party inspectors oversee and ensure our welding procedures / processes which is of prime importance to ensure total operational quality.

Australian and International standards are used extensively on structural fabrications to complex pressure vessels. Our clients receive appropriate documentation in the form of a Manufacturing Data Report. The MDR includes all requirements from their specification, including the following, material trace ability, welding procedures & standards, welder qualifications, weld maps, heat treatment, protective coating reports, and dimensional conformity.


We understand the importance of delivery in our clients achieving their project goals and are determined to contribute to their success.

Our management and supervisors assess each project then facilitate sufficient resources to achieve the required delivery date.

We follow the basic principle that we do not make promises we cannot keep.

Our forward workload is monitored on a continuous basis against our capacity and bolstered by a number of local partner companies.

Physical delivery of our products can be arranged as part of the project or directly through our logistical partners.


Currently operating from our Pakenham facilities, we can offer a total in-house manufacturing process, ensuring all aspects of the products quality.

Our partner companies bolter our capability and specific work or projects can be produced in Hallam, Campbellfield, Braeside, and Rowville. So no job is too big or out of our reach.


We have developed excellent relationships with our key local suppliers. Our support of Australian made materials and services is a strength for our business. Substandard imported materials or products at cheaper prices does not support local manufacturers, and our community.


KMS Engineering currently networks with local manufacturers, suppliers, partner companies and government to improve the quality of our service.

We are keen to develop the same networking and relationship with our clients to facilitate the best possible service.

Please send us an enquiry to discuss your specific requirements.

ASI Sustain Member

Our ESC Membership Certificate